perfection & bliss;

11102013: last day of school.

day – woke up @ 5, cabbed to school w Jon & Julian, prep for/carried out pranks from 6am onwards, ponned optional classes, spammed photos with everyone, last few games of bridge, farewell assembly, & Ippudo after school. whole day was spent with all my favourite people in school (w the exception of Nic ): ), couldn’t have gone any better. will miss seeing/having everyone around – the only thing that i look forward to every schoolday. 

night – chilling @ botanic gardens w Jon ((: before heading to MBS. 

midnight (12102013) – Kenzo’s pre-birthday @ Pangaea: DJ was absolutely flawless – every song was gold & transitions were crazy smooth, table was Pangaea’s best, drinks were (Y) (a ton of champagne, belvedere & sex on the beach anyone?), danced nonstop everywhere (love that there’s no dance floor), avoided shitstorm(s), really had a blast w everyone esp Jon, Kenzo, Julian, Linh & BLoo (: + chilled right outside MBS w Jon for the rest of the night until sunrise = best night (of 2013) ever. 

headed to thomson for prata brekkie aft that, then double tuition (idk how i survived // barely did), then home to crash after staying awake for 35 hours straight. it was all worth it tho and i’d repeat friday|saturday all over again if i could. 

last stretch right now, final obstacle before IB is truly over. (round 2 shall be my motivation) 

fav photo from fri|sat yay – 




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