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Honestly why do I even try..?

This may become a problem but I cbf to do anything about it, at least not now, because I am tired.


gravity //

Maybe you’re meant to keep coming & going for some reason;
I have to get used to it
’cause every time I think you’re gone, you come back.

16 Things That Love Is, Maybe

Thought Catalog

1. Maybe to love is to expose your heart while it is still bleeding, hoping and trusting that the other person will press their hands gently against your chest and stem the violent flow.

2. Maybe to love is to believe in the unbelievable. To see the impossible abstractions that surround us, to have faith in the things we cannot see, to put our full weight on something we cannot ever touch.

3. Maybe to love is to show them our ugly, to see how they’ll react when they see how rotten and burnt our core is, and once they do, to wonder if they’ll still find it in them to say, “How absolutely lovely.”

4. Maybe love doesn’t exist. Maybe it is a mere social construct created to sell paperbacks and songs and pretty pictures and flowers and chocolate, deluding us to think that there is something more to…

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