i died a little bit inside;

Really tired af today (like everyone else) but feel like writing this down before I forget (like I have been forgetting for the past few weeks ): ) –

Mega fun+good day today:

– Carnivore @ MBS (“home”~) for brunch-lunch (all the meattt hehe :> )
– Despicable Me 2
– Kite-flying @ Marina Barrage (first time kite-flying omfg really loved the wind there ^_^ )
– Bridge @ the cafe
– Dinz + chilling @ Jon’s house

So I died a little bit inside @ Jon’s house – in a good way. Jon played Kiss The Rain on the piano, part of River Flows In You, then Kiss The Rain again ^_^ There’s just something – an indescribable feeling, when someone plays your favourite pieces for you.. Feels like I can’t ever thank him enough for that (: (& for so much more as well but still)

Probs could legit die happy aft that HAHA anyway today was just a really good day overall, feeling blessed (again) yupz~

Hoping that the weekend’ll be peaceful & maybe even good as well. Except the part about waking up insanely early for POP on Sunday morning ohgod. Gotta get work done as well but.. we’ll see :>

Summer’s been pretty chill so far, really have to get work done next week since its the last week, but hopefully work won’t spoil all the fun~



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