first ever unintentional diet;

(This only goes as far back as I can remember-)

Sun: banana, thai beef noodles
Mon: tonkatsu
Today: slice of Starbucks cheesecake

More amazed + amused by this unintentional dieting (due to extreme lack of appetite) than anything else ’cause I never thought I’d survive on so little for so long; wonder how long this’ll last.

Stomach feels terrible after eating // been trying not to exceed the recommended dosage for panadol //
fucking difficult to keep up appearances especially for home-cooked meals // no energy I legit feel like death // can’t sleep properly // can’t bring myself to do anything that needs to be done e.g. studying.

Basically means that I’m practically a useless corpse right now. This better be over ASAP or I’ll be wasting way too much of summer.

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