a doll’s house;

One more time someone asks / begs (legit ‘CAN I PLEASE HAVE YOUR NOTES ON-‘ OWTTE whatthefuck) for notes on A Doll’s House, I fucking swear I will tell you how incredibly stupid you (& the rest) must be if you actually need notes on A Doll’s House.

I don’t use any notes even while writing a World Lit essay in response to a focused question based on it, so I cannot comprehend why anyone would ever need any general notes. I mean c’mon, compared to the other World Lit books (Perfume and Thérèse Raquin), A Doll’s House obviously requires the least effort & brainpower since it hardly requires interpretation & analysing; in my opinion, it barely qualifies as a lit text used in examinations – simply because there’s no challenge.

And seriously, I don’t care whether your teacher is Walsh or not, so stop using that as an excuse. Enough is enough, you can’t switch classes / teachers so stop whining about it. (And honestly speaking, Walsh actually knows his stuff so it’s just pathetic that you’re blaming your incompetency on him, when it’s your responsibility to figure out a way to learn as much as you can from him.) It doesn’t make a damn difference because A Doll’s House is so straightforward, all you have to do is read the damn book (+ watch the movie). If need be, you can always read it again if you didn’t pick up enough from the first reading (although this probably just means that you didn’t read it properly the first time, which begs the question – then why read it at all?). You don’t need anyone to educate you on it unless you’re incapable of logical thought so calm the fuck down.

I’ve got more important matters of lit to attend to – Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre and Pride & Prejudice. Can’t wait to discuss them with the Thursday/Friday group – lit genius Nicole, Kalya & Red; I miss everyone already.

Oh & if anyone who asked for notes on A Doll’s House actually ends up not doing well for / failing the final paper, well, that’s just too bad – but it’s not like I care ’cause that’s not my problem, is it? (:


Best of (beginner’s) luck from here on out,



5 thoughts on “a doll’s house;

  1. J ♡ says:

    -_- i actually needed help with it -_-

    • A | J says:

      Dude not you, discussing it is fine, everyone does it all the time, but not going around begging for notes on it. There’s a huge difference.

      • J ♡ says:

        yeah i guess but dude , if ppl ask you for help just help them . nothing wrong with lending someone a hand man ~

      • A | J says:

        I’ll lend a hand if they actually need it, not if they’re purely lazy / panicking / taking the easy way out. And I legit don’t use any notes for it…

      • J ♡ says:

        okie ~ see you tmr ~

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