summer week #2, what a to-do;


Image^gif of me right now, basically.

clash after clash after clash, even after all the indecisiveness.

next week’s already full of shit & it hasn’t even started.

really wish everyone would make up their minds before spamming unconfirmed plans (i.e. day / timing / venue / activity etc) and only finalizing something last-minute, which never fails to end up clashing with another event.

tbh, am really only very concerned about the clashes on Wednesday & Saturday, but i still have to work something out for the rest as well. really a burden; wish i could split / clone myself into 2 (or more, when necessary).

also praying that certain people can make it for a certain event; crossing my fingers & hoping everything works out.

P.S. haze please maintain, you’ve already ruined some + will be ruining more of my plans for this week, stop ruining summer & just disappear by next week thanks in advance.


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2 thoughts on “summer week #2, what a to-do;

  1. BitchQueen101JJxoxoDiamondmadiahello says:

    pains of being popular? ^^ ❤

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