lux aestiva;

(bullet-point style ’cause i’m just too lazy)



  • school’s out bitches, it’s summer time (!);
  • lunch @ PS;
  • bumped into my PSX kids (pleasant surprise ttm, i really miss them but all’s good as long as G9’s going well for them (: );
  • Great Gatsby (love Leo DiCaprio + the movie was pretty damn good, you’re deprived if you haven’t watched it yet);
  • dinner @ Haji;
  • chill session + bridge @ Jon’s –

(-stayover @ Jon’s) 15th:

  • supper after everyone arrived (fat pigs at 1 in the morning ^_^) ;
  • mahjong till 530 in the morning (forever thankful to Jon & Julian for imparting their mahjong wisdom + skills);
  • crashed at 6 with everyone else (except Jo, Nicole & Linh, who crashed in Jon’s room);
  • woke up at 8 (what is sleep?);
  • went back to school at 10 for mock chinese oral in a sleep-deprived state (picture of a woman in a yoga pose, laoshi, really? glad i didn’t disappoint, thank god);
  • back to Jon’s for the rest of the day – more bridge, mahjong, good food (Jon’s mum is as good as any chef out there – i’m a picky eater so you have to take my word for it by default), bonding & H2Hs till cabbing home with Nicole & Nam at 11.
  • also, the night walk with Jon after sending Linh to the bus-stop = I SAW THE FERRARI(!!!) and a couple of stray cats -happy kid-


  • lepak day spent with Catherine, Heathcliff, Edgar, Cathy, Hareton, Nelly, Lockwood, Joseph & Linton. “The entire world is a dreadful collection of memoranda that she did exist, and that I have lost her!”;
  • decided to forego Avicii at the last minute (stupidstupidstupid decision SIGH nevermind i’m human i make stupid mistakes then i learn from them yup)


  • finished off Wuthering Heights and 2 Chinese papers (first time i’ve ever started any form of work at the beginning of holidays, achievement max);
  • Jeanette’s 18th birthday @ Regent Hotel;
  • SSS (short shopping session) with my INFP’94, Fang.

So, summer’13 has started off really well for me (except missing Avicii ohgod), and again, I find myself feeling extremely grateful & blessed to be able to call this bunch of people my friends. Still so many things to do, and so many others to catch up with (among all the studying, of course not) before summer ends, I can only hope that I manage to finish everything on my summer bucketlist.

Time to get the party started once everyone’s back in SG, can’t wait to spend the rest of summer in the only acceptable way – my way.


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