XVIII; (last few hours of the) last day.

turning 19 in approximately 5 hours. 

  • apathy
  • 18 has been bearable; alright. 
  • many things have changed in ways that i could never have imagined (which is saying something), and truth be told i’d always thought that 18 would be a lot better than it turned out to be. but that’s life, what’s new?
  • on the road to understanding myself better after finding out that i’m an INFP. used to think that these things were not really accurate / reliable but i take it all back – everything so far is scarily accurate. learnt some new things too, can’t wait to learn more.
  • i’ve said this before, but i am truly blessed. most of the time, good things do come to an end, but i pray that the few friendships that mean the world to me will stand the test of time and last ‘forever’. things may change, but the past year has really given me many chances to find out who my true friends really are, and i am so grateful for having each and every one of them. (if any of you ever see this [you know who you are]: i may not say/show it, but i love you guys to infinity & beyond, and thank you – for everything.) 
  • sadly, can’t remember much about my 18th year, with the exception of a few memories that come to mind for special reasons. should keep a jar for my 19th year (pilfering tumblr’s idea for year 2013) and fill it with notes of everything i want to remember. we can’t choose what stays and what fades, but we can keep reminders – and i want to have reminders of all the little things in life that i should appreciate. (of course, i’ll probably be too lazy to do this / continue for the whole year, since it’s not really my style to do something like this, but it’s worth a shot.)

off to spend the last 5 hours as an 18 year old in peace (hopefully); xo.

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