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cruel cowardice;

darling we could’ve been so much more.

// but it takes two – & I’ve done all I could.

love; always & forever.



“Brilliant minds bitch alike.”

– Jon (the Ultimate Bitch) taking great minds think alike a step further, alliteration included.


The best thing anyone can do to you is either break your heart, or love you for good.


a doll’s house;

One more time someone asks / begs (legit ‘CAN I PLEASE HAVE YOUR NOTES ON-‘ OWTTE whatthefuck) for notes on A Doll’s House, I fucking swear I will tell you how incredibly stupid you (& the rest) must be if you actually need notes on A Doll’s House.

I don’t use any notes even while writing a World Lit essay in response to a focused question based on it, so I cannot comprehend why anyone would ever need any general notes. I mean c’mon, compared to the other World Lit books (Perfume and Thérèse Raquin), A Doll’s House obviously requires the least effort & brainpower since it hardly requires interpretation & analysing; in my opinion, it barely qualifies as a lit text used in examinations – simply because there’s no challenge.

And seriously, I don’t care whether your teacher is Walsh or not, so stop using that as an excuse. Enough is enough, you can’t switch classes / teachers so stop whining about it. (And honestly speaking, Walsh actually knows his stuff so it’s just pathetic that you’re blaming your incompetency on him, when it’s your responsibility to figure out a way to learn as much as you can from him.) It doesn’t make a damn difference because A Doll’s House is so straightforward, all you have to do is read the damn book (+ watch the movie). If need be, you can always read it again if you didn’t pick up enough from the first reading (although this probably just means that you didn’t read it properly the first time, which begs the question – then why read it at all?). You don’t need anyone to educate you on it unless you’re incapable of logical thought so calm the fuck down.

I’ve got more important matters of lit to attend to – Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre and Pride & Prejudice. Can’t wait to discuss them with the Thursday/Friday group – lit genius Nicole, Kalya & Red; I miss everyone already.

Oh & if anyone who asked for notes on A Doll’s House actually ends up not doing well for / failing the final paper, well, that’s just too bad – but it’s not like I care ’cause that’s not my problem, is it? (:


Best of (beginner’s) luck from here on out,



tread softly;

nicole ashley lim ❤

“Some people can’t keep fighting. Some people want to escape. Some people are not ready—are not able—to find a way to deal with what’s in front of them. Sometimes there’s no one to help them. Sometimes they don’t know how to ask for help. Sometimes it feels like there’s no choice but to end it. No other way out. And sometimes it’s impossible to see past that.”
-Sarah Fine

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back to black;


손을 뻗어봐도 아무리 불러도
너는 내게서 멀기만 해
아픈 상처만 될 사랑일텐데
왜 난 지우지도 못하는지





但是其实,我最担心的依然还是你。 整天都想着:"你最近过得怎样?你还好吗?你没事吧?你开心吗?"之类的。。我真的希望你现在、以后、永远都会过得非常幸福、快乐。

deuxième fois;


moving on

is essentially

a lot like leaving

somewhere (someone)

you knew as home


summer week #2, what a to-do;


Image^gif of me right now, basically.

clash after clash after clash, even after all the indecisiveness.

next week’s already full of shit & it hasn’t even started.

really wish everyone would make up their minds before spamming unconfirmed plans (i.e. day / timing / venue / activity etc) and only finalizing something last-minute, which never fails to end up clashing with another event.

tbh, am really only very concerned about the clashes on Wednesday & Saturday, but i still have to work something out for the rest as well. really a burden; wish i could split / clone myself into 2 (or more, when necessary).

also praying that certain people can make it for a certain event; crossing my fingers & hoping everything works out.

P.S. haze please maintain, you’ve already ruined some + will be ruining more of my plans for this week, stop ruining summer & just disappear by next week thanks in advance.


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7 Things To Tell Yourself When You’re Hurting

Be patient & tough; someday this pain will be useful to you. – Ovid

Thought Catalog

1. I am going to face it.

Don’t run away from it. Don’t treat it like it’s not there, like it has never happened — this will only prolong the period of suffering, and delay the healing. Talk about it, not avoid it. Things only get nastier when you try to sweep them under the carpet. Face that bitch right in the face. If it’s gonna hurt, it will. But after that, it will be fine. It will get better.

2. This pain is necessary for growth.

You tell yourself that it is NOT all bad and no good — that something good CAN come out of it. That through pain you become stronger and better as a person. That going through tough things and shit situations are part and parcel of life. People can break your heart, but it is up to you whether to seal it up on…

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lux aestiva;

(bullet-point style ’cause i’m just too lazy)



  • school’s out bitches, it’s summer time (!);
  • lunch @ PS;
  • bumped into my PSX kids (pleasant surprise ttm, i really miss them but all’s good as long as G9’s going well for them (: );
  • Great Gatsby (love Leo DiCaprio + the movie was pretty damn good, you’re deprived if you haven’t watched it yet);
  • dinner @ Haji;
  • chill session + bridge @ Jon’s –

(-stayover @ Jon’s) 15th:

  • supper after everyone arrived (fat pigs at 1 in the morning ^_^) ;
  • mahjong till 530 in the morning (forever thankful to Jon & Julian for imparting their mahjong wisdom + skills);
  • crashed at 6 with everyone else (except Jo, Nicole & Linh, who crashed in Jon’s room);
  • woke up at 8 (what is sleep?);
  • went back to school at 10 for mock chinese oral in a sleep-deprived state (picture of a woman in a yoga pose, laoshi, really? glad i didn’t disappoint, thank god);
  • back to Jon’s for the rest of the day – more bridge, mahjong, good food (Jon’s mum is as good as any chef out there – i’m a picky eater so you have to take my word for it by default), bonding & H2Hs till cabbing home with Nicole & Nam at 11.
  • also, the night walk with Jon after sending Linh to the bus-stop = I SAW THE FERRARI(!!!) and a couple of stray cats -happy kid-


  • lepak day spent with Catherine, Heathcliff, Edgar, Cathy, Hareton, Nelly, Lockwood, Joseph & Linton. “The entire world is a dreadful collection of memoranda that she did exist, and that I have lost her!”;
  • decided to forego Avicii at the last minute (stupidstupidstupid decision SIGH nevermind i’m human i make stupid mistakes then i learn from them yup)


  • finished off Wuthering Heights and 2 Chinese papers (first time i’ve ever started any form of work at the beginning of holidays, achievement max);
  • Jeanette’s 18th birthday @ Regent Hotel;
  • SSS (short shopping session) with my INFP’94, Fang.

So, summer’13 has started off really well for me (except missing Avicii ohgod), and again, I find myself feeling extremely grateful & blessed to be able to call this bunch of people my friends. Still so many things to do, and so many others to catch up with (among all the studying, of course not) before summer ends, I can only hope that I manage to finish everything on my summer bucketlist.

Time to get the party started once everyone’s back in SG, can’t wait to spend the rest of summer in the only acceptable way – my way.


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