“I care too much.”

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perfection & bliss;

11102013: last day of school.

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Honestly why do I even try..?

This may become a problem but I cbf to do anything about it, at least not now, because I am tired.

gravity //

Maybe you’re meant to keep coming & going for some reason;
I have to get used to it
’cause every time I think you’re gone, you come back.

16 Things That Love Is, Maybe

Thought Catalog

1. Maybe to love is to expose your heart while it is still bleeding, hoping and trusting that the other person will press their hands gently against your chest and stem the violent flow.

2. Maybe to love is to believe in the unbelievable. To see the impossible abstractions that surround us, to have faith in the things we cannot see, to put our full weight on something we cannot ever touch.

3. Maybe to love is to show them our ugly, to see how they’ll react when they see how rotten and burnt our core is, and once they do, to wonder if they’ll still find it in them to say, “How absolutely lovely.”

4. Maybe love doesn’t exist. Maybe it is a mere social construct created to sell paperbacks and songs and pretty pictures and flowers and chocolate, deluding us to think that there is something more to…

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The One Who Cares Less

“I have been called the, “queen of not giving a shit.”

People think it stems from really not caring; on the contrary, it stems from the fear of caring too much.

To deny that, is simply to deny one’s humanity. Being the “queen of not giving a shit” doesn’t make one healthier or stronger or wiser or cooler or even happier. It just makes you feel less human. It makes you feel, less and less.

So get out while you can and start giving a shit; and if your heart breaks, let it break. Because it’ll be okay. You will be okay.”

Thought Catalog

I’ve often heard that people only start wanting you when they think that you don’t want them. It’s true; I’ve lived by it. Whether its business or friendships or especially romantic relationships, the person who cares less always seems to be the person who has the most power. At least that’s what it might feel like for the person that cares more. But I question whether this is true or not.

I have been called the, “queen of not giving a shit.” One of my many talents is that I am really good at both not actually caring, as well as acting like I don’t care. Just yesterday, some girlfriends and I were talking about boys and I quoted Almost Famous as my romance mantra, “If you never take it seriously, you never get hurt.” And it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve ultimately come off as cynical about relationships…

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yup still haven’t started studying for mocks; cheers indeed xx

Diamond Mafia II - J ♡


going to fuck up mocks. idc if people have been saying I can do it or what not. I didn’t study enough and for all you peeps who havent either; cheers to the teenaged years~

lose the battle but win the war. 

xoxo. J. 

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the little things;

(extremely tired so a rambly post lies ahead-)

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